Worship Quest serves as a guide to understanding foundational questions about worship and leading in worship. Worship Quest offers a practical perspective on four roles of worship leadership and how they are to be fulfilled within various worship gatherings. For those called to lead in worship as well as those tasked in hiring worship leaders, it is important to understand the roles of worship leadership. Worship Quest helps readers come to understand the different worship gatherings and the various roles of worship leadership, and thus successfully fulfill God's call of leading in worship.


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How American Idol Hurts Worship

Sing Your Praise To The Lord

Space: The Worship Frontier

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Worship Diagnosis: Historical Amnesia

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Washing Feet and Breaking Bread

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Upcoming Events:

Speaking @ Tehillim Worship Symposium
October 27–29 & November 3-5, 2016

Leading worship @ Calvary Baptist Church
Huntington Beach, CA; 10:30AM Sundays


Recent Events:

Preached @ Zabor (Psalm) Festival, Artesia City Church
Artesia, California
October 9, 2016

Taught @ The National Worship Leader Conference
San Antonio, Texas
July 27-28, 2016

          2 Workshops:
          The Art of Leading Prayer
          Creating Flow in A Worship Gathering

Taught at a Worship Retreat @ Life Pacific College
San Dimas, CA
August 22-24, 2016